Mapex Saturn IV Series, Exotic 5-Piece Kit

Product # SNM504X

For sale is a new Mapex Saturn IV Kit with a Deep Water Ash Burl finish.  This kit is absolutely amazing!  This is a 5-Piece shell pack, snare included, each shell made from hybrid Maple and Walnut wood.  The tone is unbelievable.  Its super resonant and contemporary, but has an undeniable vintage warmth.  This is one of the most versatile kits we have here in the store.  You can play rock, jazz, hip hop, metal, funk, R&B ANY genre you can think of and you're going to sound like a million bucks!

The Saturns were already a very popular and very acclaimed series of drums, but with Mark IV of the series, Mapex was really looking to step up their game.  Receiving input from Mapex endorsees and drum artisans from around the world, this line of the Saturn Series received a total hardware upgrade with SONIClear™ tom suspension, SONIClear™ floor tom legs, low-contact bass drum claws, Memory Mark™ bass drum spurs, new badges and lug casings, an optional free-floating bass drum mount, and as is very apparent in this particular kit, a host of new exotic finishes.  The Deep Water Ash Burl finish on this drum set is absolutely striking.  It needs to be seen to be believed, and the sound of these drums is a force to be reckoned with.  This is Mapex's jazz configuration for this kit, and we've equipped the drums with Remo Coated Ambassadors and cranked the tension up to push that jazz sound even further.  That being said, you can get an astonishingly deep and rich sound out of these drums, and the bass drum sounds so much bigger than it actually is (and that was before we threw on a Kickport, yours free of charge!).  They are comparable to a handful of other high quality drum sets by other companies, but are at a slightly more affordable price range.  These drums list for $3138, and are yours, shipping included, for just $1799!

Drum Sizes:

  • 10x8
  • 12x9
  • 14x14
  • 20x16 (Bass)
  • 5.5x14 (Snare)
This kit comes with matching snare, tom mount, (3) floor tom legs, optional kickport bass drum port
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