RARE 6.5" x 14" Roger's Dynasonic Snare Drum

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Resurrection Drums is proud to put this rare find on the market. A legend if ever there was one, the circa 1966-1969 Rogers Dynasonic 6.5" x 14" snare drum. It capitalized on its trend-setting floated snare frame system design and created a dynamic snare in terms of usability and volume. The effort that it takes to bring a Rogers Dynasonic snare from "dry" to "loose" is the epitome of ease. The strainer knob adjusts the frame so the wires just "kiss" the bottom head creating superior sensitivity throughout the skin. As Joe Thompson, Roger's product designer, put it in 1962 "the goal of this invention is to provide a drum with 'floating snares', which can be tensioned without putting pressure on the head, on a drum with no snare beds." This drum is outfitted with its coveted "choke-free" floating snare rail system, independent snare tension adjustment, internal tone control, "clock face" strainer, "clock face" butt end. You'll love this drum as much as its chrome over brass shell is reflective, so a lot!


***Sorry, we will not be accepting returns for this particular item. If you need more details message us via Reverb. We are more than happy to provide extra pictures if need be.

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