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Jason Sutter is a master rock drummer who has played with many of the greats in the industry today, spanning Chris Cornell all the way to Marilyn Manson!  We've been good friends with Jason since he studied percussion at the University of Miami.  It's from there that Jason jumped into the big leagues, and became a MUST-HAVE studio drummer!  


At the clinic he shared his scholarly percussion knowledge, insider show-biz stories, his personal drumming philosophies, some knock-out drum performances spanning his entire career, as well as Jason's undying love for Bill Bruford!


All this and more awaits you at Resurrection Drum Clinics!  More to come...

Photos from Past Clinics



6/16/10 Derek Roddy

Derek01 Derek02 Derek03 Derek04 Derek05 Derek06 Derek07 Derek08 

Derek09 Derek10 Derek11 Derek12 Derek13 Derek14 Derek15 Derek16 

Derek17 Derek18 Derek19 Derek20 Derek21 Derek22

5/9/10 Ari Hoenig

AriClinic01 AriClinic02 AriClinic03 AriClinic04 AriClinic05 AriClinic06 AriClinic07 AriClinic08

AriClinic09 AriClinic10 AriClinic11 AriClinic12 AriClinic13 AriClinic14 AriClinic15 AriClinic16

AriClinic17 AriClinic18 AriClinic19 AriClinic20 AriClinic21 AriClinic22 AriClinic23 AriClinic24

4/21/10 Kenny Aronoff

4/1/10 Todd Sucherman


11/12/09 Jim Reily



Poncho Sanchez



Teddy Campbell

9/23/08 David Weckl

6/09/08 Steve Smith

3/27/08 Sonny Emory

2/27/08 Jojo Mayer

6/18/07 Giovanni Hidalgo

5/10/07 Cindy Blackman

4/02/07 Thomas Lang