Professional Drum Head Replacement & Tuning
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Head Replacement & Tuning


Professional Drum Head Replacement


"What?"  You say, "Anybody can do that!!" Well, times have changed—and for the better as far as Drum heads go! Innovations in production, materials, and architecture give the modern Drummer more choices in heads than ever before! We can help you choose the RIGHT Drum head specifically for you (YOUR sound, YOUR music) and save you money because you won't get talked into buying the wrong head like what often happens at music supermarkets. We don't just blow out last year's overstock items and leave you hanging! With Resurrection, you don't deal with a salesman, you deal with a Drummer who is as interested in you getting the right sound as you are. Resurrection Drums has top manufacturers' heads IN STOCK and can assist you as much (or as little) as you would like. In short, we'll make sure that you buy the right head THE FIRST TIME and at a Great Price!




Professional Drum Tuning


Tuning is the last, but ultimately, the most important link in the chain of events that gets your Drum sounding awesome. Often times, this last crucial step is overlooked until you're in the studio or at your gig, and the sound tech asks where your good Drum sound is hiding!!! If you need help, give us a call or e-mail us. Remember, making a purchase at Resurrection Drums is not the end of a sale, but the beginning of an ongoing commitment from all of us to make you sound the BEST! Other Drum recovery and re-conditioning needs are only a phone call away. Remember, we won't put a "retail yes-man salesman" on the phone, we'll put the Drum BUILDER on the phone with expertise and knowledge and help you make an INFORMED decision.


Drum Head Replacement by Rez Drums    Drum Head Replacement by Rez Drums    Drum Head Replacement by Rez Drums