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Re-Edging & Re-Finishing


Professional Drum Re-Edging


The edge of a shell can make all the difference between a Drum that speaks and Drum that goes thud! Whether you can’t get “that last wrinkle” out, or the Drum simply will not tune up and ring out, the bearing edge is ultimately the issue!  Over the years, wood drums have the tendency to change, or “settle” as they age, breathe, and react to the changing conditions of their environment. We can re-cut and true your edges for maximum tone. Taking off just a fraction of the depth of the Drum, the Drum will look identical but will respond like it did when you first bought it or even better. We can re-edge any Drum to the manufacturers’ original specifications. Call or e-mail us about what you want.


  BEFORE: Shells from different eras. All sound like Heaven, but look like H-E-Double Hockey Sticks. AFTER: "That’s Better!!!" Add a little Blue Sparkle, elbow grease on the hardware and voila!!! Pearl Dennis Chambers Signature Snare recovered in green to match a custom “green lizard” kit. Another Vintage Classic Resurrection


Professional Drum Re-Finishing


We can give your great sounding, but borrrrring looking, set a nice face-lift. Choose from more than 100 different colors and blends to create (or re-create) the look that matches your current needs and desires. Your set will look BRAND-NEW at a FRACTION of the cost of a new set. Just give us a call and we'll give you more information and answer any questions. No salesmen will speak to you, just dedicated drummers and drum builders.


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