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Vintage Drums


The history of Drums and Drumming is something that is not only very interesting, it is one of the more enjoyable and intriguing aspects of being involved with Drums 24/7. Not a day goes by that we don't discover something new about Drums or the Drum business, be it a tid-bit about the era when a Drum was built or a certain design change that revolutionized the way that Drums were made to this day.


We love vintage Drums and the history that goes along with it!


Feel free to contact us if there is a certain snare, or piece of hardware that you are trying to locate. Drum hunting is another service that we offer! You'd be surprised how many drummers that we’ve made into lifetime customers by either finding the "missing link" to their vintage dream kit, or finding a sliding mechanism to repair a broken 3 point strainer, we might have it. If we don't, we will begin the process of finding it for you!


Visit the RezDrums Shopping Cart to keep up with our stock of vintage Kits and vintage individual Drums—as well as the occasional rare find that we keep just for our store collection, (and hopefully someday museum)!


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