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OK! You've been saving your loose change, and you're ready to make that plunge and get that new kit that you've been dreaming about all year. What's it going to be? Well, you've done your homework, looked through the latest MD, and there are over 20 different major drum companies in there claiming that they have the best drums in the world, and that doesn't even include the other dozen in the small ads in the back! What should you do?! What if there was a place that had the ability to see, play, feel, and investigate all of these choices? This one sounds good, but they don’t offer the sizes that I want, or this is the color that I want, but to get the sizes that I want, I have to order ala-carte, and now I’m over my budget!


Fear not! This is what we do at Resurrection Drums! We have been beta testers for many of today's major manufacturers. Why? Because we know Drums, we go to great lengths to find out what each kit offers, or doesn't, and which kit offers the best VALUE! (My favorite word!)


We are here for you, 7 days a week to share this info, and knowledge with you.


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Many years ago, RezDrums came to a major conclusion about what to offer/carry for entry level and intermediate “complete” Drum Sets (complete meaning drums, hardware, cymbals).  The marketplace, at this level, was just too confusing! A first time buyer who is just getting started could be confused and overwhelmed to the point of exhaustion—especially with parents trying to buy their kids their first kit.


We knew from our experience, that first time buyers (beginner to intermediate level, regardless of age!) wanted “The Best Bang for Their Buck!”  You want a quality, durable set that will get the job done, at a great price!


These are the factors that helped us develop our World Famous “Walk of Fame”!  What we did was take all of the guess work out of the decision making, fact finding, research that goes into “an educated consumers” buying decision!


We decided that we were going to “Challenge” the Drum manufacturing industry to show us whose $399, $499, $599, (etc.) Drum Set offerings were the best “Value” in the Market! ….. And The Walk of Fame was Born!


We at RezDrums go to great lengths to research and tear-apart every option available on Earth, and award a spot on our “Walk of Fame” to the Drumset that offered the Best VALUE…. Regardless of Brand, Make, or Model!


You’ve got X amount of dollars to spend, your child is ready for their first Kit, your Church is in need of a Drum Set, your school is ready to invest in a new Kit….  We have done the Homework for you, AND who better to do this than folks who build custom Drums, handle repairs for most major drum companies, and have a dedicated shop that does nothing but tear drums apart, and put them back together…. 8 days a week!!!